I can receive direction

I’m not quite sure of the details of God’s call for me but certain I can receive directions from your resources. 

I would love to listen to more

I love Jesus and I would love to listen to more and more sermons for my personal growth.

I love watching and listening

I have been watching TNB for the last month. I’m new to learn about Jesus. Since watching TNB my life has changed to better. I love watching and listening to your sermons and find you very peaceful. 

Help me Jesus

I have a small group to be a church Even so help me Jesus. 

I would like to learn

Am starting an Evangelism group and would like to learn from your teaching material and watching the videos. 

Next door neighbour just got saved

We have started to meet as a small group in our home. The Leading Light programmes on TBN are very inspirational – especially this mornings sharing. My next door neighbour just got saved on Monday, and I’d like to start a ladies bible study for…

Truly Blessed!

The programmes I see on TBN are truly blessed! Praise God and thank you for all your hard work. 

The Lord really spoke to me

I’m a young Christian looking for help to form a relationship with Jesus. I saw your TBN programme the Lord really spoke to me through it. 

Impressed by this Church

I’ve just watched a wonderful sermon by Gregg Donaldson on TBN UK and searched online for Lighthouse Church Jersey and was impressed by the activities that they’re involved in and their worldly impact. 

Love watching

Love watching Gregg preach the word of God on TBN TV !