A true miracle

A true miracle I have been agony about something for a while now and God has just nailed it for me through this ministry, Praise The Lord

I am encouraged

I am encouraged by the preaching

The right foundation

Thank you I feel this will help me disciple the broken and lost with the right foundation.

Thoroughly blessed

I was thoroughly blessed by the anointed word that was especially relevant to me. You inspired me to believe that, no matter the walls or obstacles, that God knows every situation and is able to help us to break through. I also appreciate all the…

Thank you for the love

Very helpful and uplifting. Thank you for the programmes on TBN and love – which comes across in the programmes.

I love listening

I love listening on TBN

Taken-in by the words of Jesus

I can’t imagine that you would ever regret seeking-out what Leading Lights is busy doing; but more importantly, you will be taken-in by the words of Jesus when he invited his first disciples to, ‘Come and see’

Watch them all!

Greg and his team have created such inspiring videos that are an absolute blessing. Such an incredible variety of themes that you can choose from, or even better, watch them all!

An absolute blessing!

If ever you wanted those aspects of Christianity explained in such a way that you could easily understand; …. if ever you wanted to be challenged to go deeper into your Christian faith; …. if ever you had the desire to draw closer to God…

Wonderful App

Wonderful App helps to be equipped with the sound word of God thank you Jesus that we still have people who still teach your true word based on you and you alone.