Welcome to the Bible School page where you will find courses that will help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, and practical training to help you launch out and do more for Christ. Click on the modules below and you will be taken to a viewing page showing the videos in that module. Work your way through the modules and let us know how you are doing and if you have any questions, comments or prayer needs. We are excited to see what God does in and through you. Keep it up and enjoy!


Foundations of Faith 6 videos - 01:49:00

Foundations of Faith

The Bible lists 6 essential foundations which we must understand before we can move on to maturity in Christ.

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Faith 11 videos - 03:09:19


Exploring the essential topic of Faith. The Bible says that we are “saved by faith”, we “walk by faith”, and that without faith we “cannot please God”. What does it mean to have faith and how can we grow in faith. At the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of this truth and a great excitement to exercise faith in your everyday life.

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Nehemiah the Church planter 8 videos - 01:00:37

Nehemiah the Church planter

Exploring the first eight chapters of the book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah lived far from Jerusalem, but he had a vision from God to rebuild the city and make it a place of life, business, worship and family. He gathered a team to help him make this vision a reality and overcame difficulties in the process. This is a wonderful study for anyone thinking of planting a Church or starting any kind of ministry.

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How to hear God's voice 5 videos - 01:36:12

How to hear God's voice

Did you know that hearing God’s voice has always been the factor that separates God’s people from everyone else? Even in the earliest times of the Old Testament God has been looking for a family who will hear and follow His voice. Jesus said that His sheep will know His voice and follow Him. Do you?

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Who is the Holy Spirit? 5 videos - 01:42:18

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Exploring the person and work of the Holy Spirit. God the Father and Jesus Christ are seated in heaven. The Holy Spirit is the person of the Godhead who we deal with here on earth, and yet many Christians know very little about who He is, what He does, and how we should relate to Him. Learn also how to be filled with the Spirit, and how to use the wonderful gifts He wants you to have.

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Love God's word 7 videos - 02:25:30

Love God's word

Helping us to know where God’s word has come from, and why the Bible is one of God’s most amazing gifts to us. You will be enthused to study and feed on the Bible daily, and Learn to “Love God’s word”.

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Renewing your Mind and your Soul 6 videos - 03:14:06

Renewing your Mind and your Soul

Learn how you can renew your Mind and your emotions. This essential topic will set you free from being a slave to destructive thought patterns and negative emotions. You really can change the way you think and feel.

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Godly Wisdom for life - module 1 7 videos - 01:32:25

Godly Wisdom for life - module 1

Seven 12 minute videos on practical, Godly Wisdom for life. Topics include “Courage”, “Increasing your capacity”, “Is it God, the Devil or just me?”, “Taking risks”, “The Potter’s house”, and “Living God’s will”.

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Grace and the Law 5 videos - 01:18:04

Grace and the Law

What does the Bible mean when it says that we are “not under law but under grace”? How should Christians relate to the laws in the Bible? Watch this series to learn more.

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Godly Wisdom for life - module 2 8 videos - 01:34:03

Godly Wisdom for life - module 2

Eight 12 minute videos exploring practical, Godly Wisdom for life. Topics include “Revelation knowledge”, “The peace of God”, “Our enemy’s strategy”, “Factors for our future”, and “Questions God is asking”.

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Finances and giving 4 videos - 01:34:50

Finances and giving

Discover God’s plan for our money and how we should we handle what God has entrusted to us.

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The Armour of God 5 videos - 01:03:42

The Armour of God

A brief course on the spiritual armour God has given you as a believer to enable you to stand firm and overcome our enemy.

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Healthy families 7 videos - 02:43:10

Healthy families

Equipping us to have healthy families and fruitful relationships in all areas of our lives. So much of our lives revolve around the need to “get on with others” and in ministry this is even more true. Prioritize this area and learn all you can to bring your relationships into the wonderful plan God has for you.

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Godly pursuits 10 videos - 04:26:46

Godly pursuits

Bayless Conley teaches on the pursuits that please God. What are you pursuing – and did you know that God is busy pursuing you?

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Worship 6 videos - 01:58:14


Learn from several people’s perspectives about worship – which is an essential part of our relationship with God, and a vital part of any corporate Christian gathering.

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Church History 5 videos - 02:53:46

Church History

Hebrews 13:7 tells us to “Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” By studying Church History we aim to learn and grow from those who went before us.

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Moving to Maturity 8 videos - 04:30:23

Moving to Maturity

The book of Hebrews gives us insight into becoming spiritually mature – no longer requiring “milk” but moving on to “solid food.”

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Sharing your faith 17 videos - 05:49:51

Sharing your faith

Have you wondered how you can share your faith in various places and with different people? Jesus’ teaching on this subject is powerful and relevant for us today and His ideas may be very different to what you have thought previously.

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The power of the Spirit 10 videos - 04:43:44

The power of the Spirit

Jesus told His disciples not to start any work for Him until they had received God’s “power from on high”. Let’s explore how we can receive and operate in this power.

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The Glorious Local Church 7 videos - 01:08:00

The Glorious Local Church

Exploring God’s pattern for the Local Church. It is a glorious picture of the “Bride of Jesus” and we can find great joy when we understand how the local Church really should look.

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Leadership principles Part 1 6 videos - 01:13:04

Leadership principles Part 1

We explore God’s instructions and pictures of Leadership as given in various Bible characters. Jesus described worldly ideas of leadership to His dIsciples, but then He said “NOT SO WITH YOU”! Let’s learn together at the feet of the Master.

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How God cares for you 4 videos - 01:43:26

How God cares for you

Bayless Conley teaches us how God cares for us – even when we don’t feel it. Learn to receive your loving Shepherd’s gifts of guidance, provision, peace, restoration, and salvation.

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How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit 4 videos - 01:13:26

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Being Filled with the Holy Spirit is Jesus’ desire for all His people. Learn about this wonderful and exciting truth here.

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Prayer that moves mountains 11 videos - 03:06:35

Prayer that moves mountains

Prayer is the engine room of anything we try to do for Jesus. Jesus modeled prayer, and He taught us how to pray. Learn and be inspired to pray and watch how it will transform your life and your ministry.

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Leadership principles Part 2 4 videos - 44:51

Leadership principles Part 2

We explore God’s instructions and pictures of Leadership as given in various Bible characters. Jesus described worldly ideas of leadership to His dIsciples, but then He said “NOT SO WITH YOU”! Let’s learn together at the feet of the Master.

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The Tabernacle and The Temple 5 videos - 02:47:45

The Tabernacle and The Temple

From Moses’ tabernacle in the desert, to Solomon’s Temple: a pattern for worship.

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Anchored 11 videos - 04:25:08


Hebrews 6:19 says – “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil”. Learn how you can have a strong anchor in all the storms of life.

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A Giant of Faith 5 videos - 02:21:32

A Giant of Faith

Abraham is a huge figure in world history, and the father of faith for millions of people. Learn how you can have faith like Abraham in this exciting series.

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Leadership principles Part 3 4 videos - 47:05

Leadership principles Part 3

We explore God’s instructions and pictures of Leadership as given in various Bible characters. Jesus described worldly ideas of leadership to His dIsciples, but then He said “NOT SO WITH YOU”! Let’s learn together at the feet of the Master.

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Overflowing Joy 6 videos - 02:56:38

Overflowing Joy

More than any other community in Bible times, the tiny town of Philippi influenced the world by partnering with Paul in the Great Commission. Whenever they are mentioned in the Bible it is said that they had JOY. What can we learn from their example?

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Covenants in the Bible 3 videos - 01:36:15

Covenants in the Bible

The Bible is full of the word “Covenant”. If we don’t understand this Biblical idea, we will not be able to fully understand our relationship with God. This Covenant relationship is full of promise and beauty, and our Christian lives will be immeasurably enriched when we understand the truths herein.

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The Purpose Course 6 videos - 03:17:02

The Purpose Course

Helping you to discover God’s purpose for your life. How am I made? Where have I been placed? What have I been given and what will God ask me one day? These are the questions we explore and by the end of it we are in a position to know and pursue God’s purpose in our lives.

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Acts Chapter 1 - 12 10 videos - 05:59:00

Acts Chapter 1 - 12

Ten 30 minute videos exploring the first 12 chapters of the book of Acts. This book describes how God’s people lived and acted in the first years after Jesus. It is our belief that when we emulate them, we will see the same explosive results that they saw – the world was “turned upside down” by the Holy Spirit working through them. Learn how they operated and then start to copy them.

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Acts Chapter 13 - 21 9 videos - 06:25:43

Acts Chapter 13 - 21

Nine 40 minute videos exploring the book of Acts Chapters 13 – 21. The Church started to grow and expand and we follow Paul and his team in planting Churches around the world. There are so many lessons we can learn and we really can copy their methods in order to see the results they saw.

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Dynamic Spiritual Disciplines 6 videos - 03:04:02

Dynamic Spiritual Disciplines

Six videos covering the basic Dynamic Spiritual Disciplines that will open a door for God to channel all His blessings through your life.

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I am Ruth 4 videos - 02:07:47

I am Ruth

An excluded foreigner was grafted into God’s family – I am Ruth!

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Reasons 3 videos - 01:40:30


We are told to be able to give a reason for why we believe to anyone who asks. What is your reason?

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We Celebrate This 5 videos - 02:06:32

We Celebrate This

Whatever you celebrate will define and direct your life.

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Love actually 3 videos - 01:32:35

Love actually

Love is spoken of a great deal, but in order to really understand love, we must ask the One who is Love.

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Consumed 3 videos - 01:19:54


The modern world has made us all CONSUMERS. God wants to consume us because He is a “consuming fire”.

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The Cutting Edge 6 videos - 02:53:23

The Cutting Edge

The Church grows and impacts the world on the cutting edge – where real people meet a real world with God’s love and His grace.

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Empowered 3 videos - 01:26:29


Jesus promised that He would give us the power we need to do the work that He gave us to do. Learn how to be empowered.

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Fruit of the Spirit 3 videos - 01:25:47

Fruit of the Spirit

As we spend time in God’s presence, His character starts to flow out of us – like fruit growing on a tree.

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City of God 6 videos - 02:42:39

City of God

The City of God is both a future hope for us as believers, AND a present reality. Learn how to build His city in your life today.

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All you need is... 5 videos - 02:20:07

All you need is...

What are the essential truths we must believe in order to know we are saved?

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FIRST 5 videos - 02:11:35


Jesus promised great blessing and joy if we simply put Him first. How does this happen and what can I do to come into line with His plan for my life?

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Run to God - Jonah's story 2 videos - 55:54

Run to God - Jonah's story

The story of Jonah – the Old Testament prophet who ran from God – is extremely relevant to you and I in our modern world today.

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Fruitful Families 5 videos - 02:28:53

Fruitful Families

Families are beautiful, messy and fun… and they are God’s idea. Learn from the Creator of families how your family can shine His light to the world.

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Overcomers 5 videos - 02:37:42


God wants you to overcome in life, not simply to “undergo” various trials. Learn how to be all that God has called you to be in this powerful sermon series.

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Praying for people 8 videos - 02:45:44

Praying for people

Practical guidance on praying for people for healing and various other needs.

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Relationship success 13 videos - 06:17:03

Relationship success

So much of our lives revolve around relationships. Let’s learn from the designer of human relationships and allow His good, pleasing and perfect will to impact all of our relationships.

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Practical ministry skills 8 videos - 01:34:10

Practical ministry skills

Learn practical skills for various areas of ministry and Christian life.

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Perspectives on Faith 7 videos - 02:46:33

Perspectives on Faith

Faith is so important – the Bible says that we can’t please God without it. Learn more about this topic so that your faith can “increase more and more” (2 Thess 1:3)

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This is My Testimony 14 videos - 04:22:56

This is My Testimony

“Let the redeemed of the Lord SAY SO” (Ps 107:2).
In this series we look at the power of a testimony, and practical help in giving your testimony. It will change your life in many ways.

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Broken Heroes 5 videos - 02:15:23

Broken Heroes

In the Old Testament book of Judges we learn about some amazing heroes who were flawed and broken. It helps us understand how God can use us today.

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Furniture and Fire 7 videos - 03:27:37

Furniture and Fire

In God’s dealings with Humans, there is a Human part (the Furniture) and there is a Divine part (the Fire). Learn the vital and helpful distinction.

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A Modern Romance 4 videos - 02:01:14

A Modern Romance

God’s dealings with mankind are most beautifully described as a romance. Learn about the Biblical pictures of marriage and their significance today.

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Seeds and Swords 11 videos - 05:45:24

Seeds and Swords

God works with PRINCIPLES (Seeds) and with ACTIONS (Swords). It is vital that believers know the difference so that we can relate to Him properly, and do the things He wants us to do in this world.

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Circles 12 videos - 05:29:16


While the world has various ways of defining you and your “circle”, God’s word says He has appointed a Sphere for you that includes your relationships, identity, influence and mental peace.

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DNA 6 videos - 02:41:03


Who we are in Christ and as a Church.

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Faith Filled Prayers 4 videos - 01:31:34

Faith Filled Prayers

We know that praying in FAITH is important, but how do we do it?

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Through the Cross 4 videos - 01:50:59

Through the Cross

We must follow Jesus not just TO the cross, but also THROUGH the Cross.

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The Ties That Bind Us 5 videos - 02:03:40

The Ties That Bind Us

What is it that binds us to other people, to God, and sometimes to destructive behaviours? In this series we examine these “Ties that Bind Us” and learn how to become more fruitful and effective, and to form stronger, healthier relationships.

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Think 16 videos - 08:34:46


“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…” (Prov 23:7). In this series we look at our thought life and how we can line our thoughts up with God’s thoughts.

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Disciple 6 videos - 02:59:49


The Bible describes followers of Jesus as “Disciples” and tells us that our main task, the “Great Commission”, is to “Make Disciples”. In this series we learn about what a Disciple is, and how we can practically make and become Disciples.

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A Complete Christian 8 videos - 03:31:44

A Complete Christian

2 Peter 1 gives us a progression that is required for a believer to become a Complete Christian.

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A-Part 5 videos - 02:12:45


God has made a way for us to be a PART of Him, and His family. But the enemy wants us to be APART from God and from each other, often using counterfeit and deceptive ways for us to feel we are connected when we really are not.

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Those Early Days 14 videos - 06:13:40

Those Early Days

The book of Acts shows us how the Church can and should be – they are our “Early Days”.

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Church Planting Stories 14 videos - 03:43:28

Church Planting Stories

Some real life stories about the ups and downs of starting ministries for the Lord.

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The Kingdom of God 10 videos - 04:28:52

The Kingdom of God

It was Jesus’ message, and that of all the disciples, and it is the Gospel we should be preaching. What is the “Kingdom of God”?

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The Parables of the Kingdom 9 videos - 04:02:40

The Parables of the Kingdom

Jesus spoke deep truths in simple stories called Parables, but they often contained a surprising “twist in the tail”

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Growing Up - 8 signs of Spiritual Maturity 8 videos - 03:34:05

Growing Up - 8 signs of Spiritual Maturity

How can I tell whether I am Spiritually Mature or not? These 8 signs will help us grow up into all God has for us.

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The 7 Churches of Revelation 7 videos - 03:13:42

The 7 Churches of Revelation

In 95AD Jesus spoke to 7 Churches, and these messages are still completely relevant and important for us today.

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POEMA 3 videos - 01:17:47


You are “fearfully and wonderfully made”(Ps 139), and God has great plans for you. Ephesians 2:10 says that you are His “Handiwork” (Greek word POEMA). We are told that He has not only designed you intricately, but He has also decided when and where you should live (Acts 17:26), and He has prepared good things for you to be doing.

In this series you will discover how God has put you together. See for more

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Work is Worship 3 videos - 01:19:44

Work is Worship

Your daily work is worship to God. Learn here how to glorify Him in all things and at all times.

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Revelation 16 videos - 07:05:19


The book of Revelation is beautiful and important, yet many people avoid it because they feel they can’t understand it. In this series we go through the whole book and show how it hangs together, and how helpful and empowering it is for us who believe. For full access to extra notes and diagrams go to .

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Success 5 videos - 02:18:20


God wants us to succeed, but often we have a small view of success that does not include all that God has for us. Learn about God’s definition of success and how to achieve it.

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Grace Notes 4 videos - 01:50:36

Grace Notes

The Bible speaks of the “Manifold” Grace of God (1 Pe 4:10) Learn in this series of the 4 main aspects or facets of Grace so that we can embrace God’s Grace in all its fullness.

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Leaders and Authority 5 videos - 02:17:44

Leaders and Authority

We all need to learn to relate to authority figures in our lives, and in this series we look at God’s instructions and power for us as “followers” and as “leaders”.

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The Grow Course 4 videos - 19:57

The Grow Course

The Basics of of how to start and develop your relationship with Christ.

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Raised with Christ 6 videos - 02:47:01

Raised with Christ

Paul in Ephesians 1:15-2:6 prays for our inward eyes to be opened to the power at work in us, and he likens it to Jesus dying, being raised and seated in authority in Heaven. He says that we are raised and seated with Him. What does this mean for us in our everyday lives?

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A Spiritual Oil Filter 2 videos - 55:43

A Spiritual Oil Filter

God’s unity can be likened to the Oil in an engine – it lubricates everything and stops friction. But we are told that it is impossible for there to be no offences or conflicts in our lives, and so God has given us a Spiritual Oil Filter, to deal with conflicts and to keep His unity flowing smoothly.

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The 3 Parts of Man 12 videos - 03:34:18

The 3 Parts of Man

We are made of 3 parts – Body, Soul and Spirit. If we don’t understand this correctly, we will never be able to fulfil God’s purpose and potential for our lives.

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Unlocking God's word 5 videos - 03:05:40

Unlocking God's word

Five 35 minute videos, giving practical instruction on how to study and interpret God’s word.

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In Between 5 videos - 02:40:18

In Between

Do you ever feel like you are in a “corridor” in life? You have left one thing but have not yet entered the next? In this module we look at the time after Jesus’ resurrection, but before He ascended to heaven, and we learn with the disciples some very important lessons about making the corridors some of the best times in our lives.

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The Garden 7 videos - 03:51:44

The Garden

7 videos exploring the initial design and plan that God instituted in the Garden of Eden.

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Free Indeed 13 videos - 07:16:15

Free Indeed

13 videos of 40 minutes each. Learn how to be free of compulsive and controlling evil thoughts and habits. While the devil is real, we have the power through Christ to be free and to stay free of his attacks.

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The Mad Dash - time and eternity 4 videos - 02:10:11

The Mad Dash - time and eternity

The time we have on Earth is just the beginning of an endless existence. We are designed for eternity. Learn to “number your days” correctly and how to live life here on earth with Eternity in our hearts.

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Building better lifegroups 8 videos - 04:39:40

Building better lifegroups

Eight videos exploring all areas of small group ministry including hosting, discussions, worship and pastoral care – Make small groups a place of LIFE- Build better lifegroups.

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Making Church work 4 videos - 02:09:59

Making Church work

4 videos exploring the description of Church in the book of Ephesians.

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I AM 4 videos - 02:01:19


Four videos exploring Jesus’ statements starting with the words “I AM”. Jesus was so sure of His identity and it affected every part of His life and ministry. The great news of this series is that you and I can be just as secure in our identity because we are now a part of Christ Himself, and so everything that He said about Himself also has an application for us.

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Testimonies 28 videos - 06:36:05


Various Testimonies of how people came to know Jesus, started ministries and Churches, and saw the power of miracles in their lives.

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Letting people see Jesus 19 videos - 09:52:12

Letting people see Jesus

Following Jesus’ life and ministry through all four of the gospels in the Bible.

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Joshua's generation 4 videos - 01:57:52

Joshua's generation

Four videos following the Israelites as they entered the promised land under their new leader Joshua. Joshua is a picture of Jesus and we, His people, are the generation that God has chosen to claim and possess His promises for us.

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Table talk 6 videos - 03:13:01

Table talk

Six videos exploring Jesus’ last meal with His disciples before His death. We look at the lessons He taught, the beauty of fellowship and love around meals, and the power of Communion.

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A tree a mountain and a house 3 videos - 01:36:53

A tree a mountain and a house

When God called Abraham from his homeland and his family, it took Abraham quite some time to fully obey. When he did get to God’s destination, however, it was a place that had a tree, a mountain and a house. We look at these ideas to help us find God’s perfect plan for our lives today.

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Whole hearted 5 videos - 02:34:36

Whole hearted

David was a man whose heart was healed and made whole, and who lived in a fully committed, wholehearted way. Learn the lessons that David learned so that you can serve God in your generation like David did -a “man after God’s own heart”.

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Women in the Bible 4 videos - 01:23:33

Women in the Bible

Many women play key roles in the Bible. Learn about several of them in this series of talks.

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How to Begin a group 12 videos - 03:03:52

How to Begin a group

A few practical thoughts to consider when starting a group, including links to many bible study outlines in the documents section.

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There are many different skills needed in leading a group. Watch these videos and come back to us with questions you may have.

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HOW TO START A GROUP 5 videos - 01:33:15


The start of a group involves interacting with people and reaching out. How will you gather and add people?

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An overview and introduction to small groups and their leadership.

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