To know my calling

Thank you for your shear message. Please pray for me to know my calling 

Enjoyed it

Enjoyed tbn talk by Gregg about the three groanings. 

Felt the need to register

 I was watching TBN this afternoon and felt the need to register for your network. May God bless you and the work you are doing always, and may your hearts be filled with His Spirit and love everlasting. 

I so needed to hear this message

Just seen Gregg’s recording about being filled / refreshed with the Holy Spirit… THANK YOU, I so needed to hear this message. 

Wholeheartedly Christian

I have watched several teachings on TBNUK. I had difficult and traumatic recent years in which I found my relationship with Jesus and the Word. I’m still growing in my understanding and am by no means well informed but yearn to get involved in something…

Weak but Inspired

I am weak but INSPIRED

I was blessed

Was blessed by listening to the message on “not taking the grace of God in vain”. 

It spoke to my spirit

Heard Gregg’s message on David’s Temple. It spoke to my spirit so clearly. 

I would like to grow and get closer to God

I have just come across your church on TBN and would like to grow and get closer to God. 

Thank you for the inspiring message

We are delighted to have come across this network via TBNUK, as we are about to embark on an exciting journey seeking God for his plan for where we live. Thank you so much for the inspiring message we saw on TV and for being…