Humbled, I ranted about this but now I’ve given it time I’ve realised how invaluable this is….. Love the ministry and podcast things and guys, forgive my earlier negativity

Prison Ministry

We have been so blessed by Gregg Donaldson on TBN & are looking for material to help us in our prison ministry. 


Was so overwhelmed about the revelation shared. 

Great Teaching

Great teaching. Appreciate it. 

I want to hear more

Heard Gregg explain the world we live in with our 5 senses and I was sold on hearing more.

Jesus is in Control

Hi I have become a new Christian and sometimes finding past life drawing me. I have realised that Jesus is in control not me. So every day is a new day, and I am sure learning this. 

Continuously blessed

Discovered Leading Lights on TBN and am continuously blessed during Gregg’s teaching. 

Almost disqualified from ministry

Thanks to Gregg Donaldson, preaching on TBN. The devil had almost disqualified me from ministry. I decided to watch TBN while I ate. It was then that verse 7 opened my eyes. Gregg’s comments on this verse, especially, ‘The light of God’s glory shining through…

Hungry for more

Friend sent me a 5 minutes taste of the word concerning the Bride, it left me hungry for more. 

I recently accepted God

I recently accepted God into my life. He has chosen me to help his work here in Manchester UK and spread the word.