Watch the videos below to get the basics of Christianity that you will need to start and grow in your relationship with Jesus. Get back to us with any questions, comments or prayer needs you may have. We love to hear from you!

Ask the Lord to show you how you should respond to what you are learning. Obey whatever He shows you to do and start telling others about what Jesus has done for you. You could invite one or two friends around to talk about Jesus or to pray.

Use the links at the bottom of this page to decide how you would like to proceed from here.



Learn more about the Holy Spirit and how He can change your life.

Get the basic “foundations of belief” in place in your life.

Baptism is a joy and one of the first steps in your Christian life. Learn more about it here.

Faith is such an important part of your walk with God. Learn about it here.

Prayer is the life-blood of your Christian walk with God.

Learn more about the amazing book God has given us – His Bible, and how you can engage with it and understand it.

Find out about your gifts and what God has called and enabled you to do for Him.

Learn about the ways and the blessings of sharing your faith.

Study a variety of topics to help you grow as a believer.

Learn about starting a group, leading a group and resources to help you in your group.

Access to all of our resources and the latest uploads to our site.

Lessons in Leadership.

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