You are “fearfully and wonderfully made”(Ps 139), and God has great plans for you. We are told that He has not only designed you intricately, but He has also decided when and where you should live (Acts 17:26), and He has prepared good things for you to be doing.

In This course you will discover how God has put you together by looking at 5 main areas:

Your Passion, especially when it is put in God’s hands, will help you find what you are supposed to be doing.

Your Opportunities are the areas and ways that you can express your gifts and passions.

Your Experience qualifies you to do certain things because of what you have learned and been through.

Your Make-Up is the way you are wired – your unique motivational gift mix.

Your Anointing is how God has supernaturally empowered you for service.


When we put all of these together, we find how and where God wants us to do great things for Him.

You are UNIQUE. Don’t shrink back or hide who you are made to be, and don’t try to copy someone else. God has made and placed you for a very special reason – discover what it is below.