Street Church

I would like more information and resources. I currently have a Street Church here in Tampa for the homeless. Thank you and May God continue to bring laborers for the harvest. 

It is our only church

Opened our home for fellowship and have 15 of us most weeks. For some of us it is our only church and we love it. 

So Helpful

Came across LL on TBNUK TRUE WEALTH Part 2 “Offences will come” SO HELPFUL Would like to share this video. 

Becoming a more mature Christ follower

Thank you Gregg.Your messages and teachings are so helpful to me.I like that you are so matter of fact and straight forward.I always have plenty of food for thought after listening to you and your messages are helping me to become a more mature Christ…

A blessing

I find the Leading Lights messages on TBN a true blessing. Thank You! God Bless! 

God is using you

I have been listening to you for sometime Our Father in Heaven and our Lord and Saviour Jesus are using you in this last days Thanking God in you for all His Teachings in you touching lives and changing lives in the Name of Jesus…

Helping my walk with Jesus

Leadinglightsnetwork is worth associating with to enhance my walk with Jesus. Glory be to God for the network. 

Thank you for Leading Lights teaching

Thank you for the Leading Lights teaching this morning. We are so blessed and encouraged in our faith to grow and understand, thanking and believing Gods promises for our lives with an Amen. With teaching like this we know God is showing us his nature, his…

Warm, welcoming and worshipping

A warm, welcoming and worshipping church family. Really felt at home and enjoyed the lively worship.