An excellent talk

That was an excellent talk

Tremendously blessed

We are tremendously blessed through your teachings

Set me aright so many times

I am so grateful to God for Leading Lights which has set me aright on my journey so many times. The loving gentle approach of Lord Jesus never fails. God Bless you and all your team and followers.

It brings me peace

Thank you for your Sunday morning programme on TBN. It brings me peace and I believe very sound teaching. There is a beauty of God in your presentation which is rare and difficult to find.

We listen every Sunday

We listen to your messages from Italy every Sunday and it has been incredibly helpful for our faith, thanks!

I thank God for you

I do love your ministry & long to be able to contribute to the works that you do for our Lord. I thank God for you.

You have taught me lots

Thank you for your brilliant, Christ filled, talks over the past 12 month. You are doing amazingly especially in lock down! May God bless you always. You have helped/taught me lots.

Warfare praying

So appreciate your warfare in praying.

With me from the start

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Leading Lights team , you have been with me from the start , always encouraging me along the way.

Lord I can finally see you

Thank you for your encouraging sermons.  I’m reading The Old testament every day now, and I’m finally getting to know our God in that as well as in the New testament.  Thank you, Lord I can finally see you.