Helped me so, so much

Thank you for this wonderful (Leading Lights Network) resource. Your teaching has helped me mature in my faith and walk with Jesus so, so much. Praying for your blessing and protection.

A plain and simple blessing

Your teaching is plain and simple and are a blessing! Thank you

I really needed this

I just found you guys on tbnuk thank you I really needed to come across you thank you 🙏

Me and my Church grow

This is to testify of the goodness of God. I pastor a small church in rural Kenya, and your teaching has been an excellent opportunity for me and the church to grow.

I watch every Sunday

I have the Leading Lights App downloaded and I watch the Leading Lights slot every Sunday on TBN.

Thank you so much

I was a non believer who was born again two years ago, the journey has been challenging, in part to finding it so difficult to understand the written word in the Bible but you explain things so beautifully. Today was the parables on sowing seed,…

Discovered by accident

Thank you for your ministry and for your teaching which I discovered by accident and I have been blessed ever since

An excellent talk

That was an excellent talk

Tremendously blessed

We are tremendously blessed through your teachings

Set me aright so many times

I am so grateful to God for Leading Lights which has set me aright on my journey so many times. The loving gentle approach of Lord Jesus never fails. God Bless you and all your team and followers.