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Interview With Rob and Gill McFarlane

Rob and Gill McFarlane have planted several Churches in Zimbabwe and England. They are currently pastoring two churches in Cambridgeshire. Here they share with us their church-planting experiences and encourage us to fulfil the call of God on our lives. https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304

Three Types of Church Goers

How do people relate to God? Using Luke 7, Gregg Donaldson draws out three different types of people and the reasons why they go to Church. https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304

Signs of the Times

What is God doing today, and how will we respond? In this message, Gregg Donaldson talks about serving God’s purposes in our generation. https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304

Worship 101

The basics of starting and leading worship in your group. https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304

The Model Church

James Matheson teaches about the Thessalonian Church and why the Apostle Paul describes them as “the model Church.” https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304

Prayer and the Kingdom (Part 1)

Gregg Donaldson teaches about three kingdoms that are in force in our world today. https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304

Prayer and the Kingdom (Part 2)

Gregg Donaldson teaches about the impact that a praying Church can have in the world. https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304

Who is Jesus?

Find out more about the man who claimed to be God. https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304

Holy Spirit (Pt2) - Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

In this second session of the Holy Spirit series, Gregg Donaldson teaches how we can receive the Holy Spirit. https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304

Holy Spirit (Pt1) - Who is the Holy Spirit?

In this first session on the Holy Spirit, Gregg Donaldson teaches us who the Holy Spirit is. https://leadinglightsnetwork.com/?page_id=304