Three Types of Church Goers

How do people relate to God? Using Luke 7, Gregg Donaldson draws out three different types of people and the reasons why they go to Church.

Signs of the Times

What is God doing today, and how will we respond? In this message, Gregg Donaldson talks about serving God’s purposes in our generation.

The Model Church

James Matheson teaches about the Thessalonian Church and why the Apostle Paul describes them as “the model Church.”

Salt and Light

Gregg Donaldson shares with us how we can be witnesses for our faith in our everyday lives.

I Will Build My Church (Pt 2)

Gregg Donaldson finishes off his mini-series about how God is building His Church around the world.

Feeding the 5000

Rob McFarlane motivates and encourages us in the great task of taking the gospel to the whole world.

I Will Build My Church (Pt 1)

Gregg Donaldson helps us to understand how Jesus is building His Church around the world.

God's Heart for the Nations

Rob McFarlane begins our first Leading Lights Conference with a sermon titled ‘God’s Heart For The Nations.’  In this message, he draws out five points from Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman. (John 4.)

Building Relationships That Last

The Day Jesus was Amazed