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Nehemiah the Church planter

Nehemiah the Church planter

Exploring the first eight chapters of the book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah lived far from Jerusalem, but he had a vision from God to rebuild the city and make it a place of life, business, worship and family. He gathered a team to help him make this vision a reality and overcame difficulties in the process. This is a wonderful study for anyone thinking of planting a Church or starting any kind of ministry.

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The Glorious Local Church - Part 6 - SHEEPFOLDS
14 June 2016Gregg Donaldson
A series of 7 videos looking at the importance of individual local Churches, leadership structure within those churches, and church unity. In this session we look at Jesus' description of the Church as a sheepfold and leaders as shepherds. We also look at the idea of having one main leader within a team of elders.
Session 6 of 7.

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