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2023-12-05 08:02:53: I AM

2023-12-05 08:02:53: I AM

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Four videos exploring Jesus’ statements starting with the words “I AM”. Jesus was so sure of His identity and it affected every part of His life and ministry. The great news of this series is that you and I can be just as secure in our identity because we are now a part of Christ Himself, and so everything that He said about Himself also has an application for us.

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A-Part 2: Part of a Body
17 January 2022Gregg Donaldson
You are created to be part of a body and to use your God-given gifts to benefit that body.
Watch this episode from our weekly TV broadcast on TBN-UK. Catch up on previous episodes at http://leadinglightsnetwork.com/tv.
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